His Naughty Little Girl is So Sweet

Chapter 711 - Chapter 711: The Life I Want

Chapter 711: The Life I Want

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She fell into a deep sleep amidst their discussion.

The next day.

When she woke up in the morning, Jiang Lingzhi immediately took out her phone to take a look. It was only then that she saw that her boyfriend had replied to her message.

She only came back at midnight.

Friend Nan: [Just got home]

Friend Nan,[Are you asleep?]

Friends from the south: [Good night]

Jiang Lingzhi put her phone down and sat up on the bed. She was a little puzzled.

Why did you come home so late?

After washing up in the bathroom, she jumped out on one leg and sat on the edge of the bed. She changed the ointment on her ankle.

It still hurt a little. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt his bones. It was only a little red and swollen.

There was only one elective class in the morning.

His roommates had all gone to the auditorium.

After Jiang Lingzhi came out of the classroom, she slowly went to the cafeteria alone.

After ordering the food, she found an empty seat and sat down.

Then, she took out her phone and sent a message to Li Shunan.

[Boyfriend, how many days have we not seen each other?]

She watched the video as she ate.

After a few minutes, he replied,[A few days?]

Jiang Lingzhi counted with her fingers and put down the chopsticks in her hand as she replied,”[Three days]

Friend Nan,[Is it that long?]

She sent another message,[I miss you.]

The other party had yet to reply.

Jiang Lingzhi finally got the chance to accuse him word by word,”[Do you not like me anymore?]

After sending it, she waited for his reaction.

Less than ten seconds after the message was sent to the past, the cell phone rang.

Jiang Lingzhi was amazed at his speed.

She stared at the phone screen and decided to ignore him for a while. After more than ten seconds, she desperately wanted to hear her boyfriend’s voice.

She couldn’t help but pick up her phone and answer the call.

She didn’t have time to open her mouth

The man’s magnetic and deep voice rang in her ear.”What are you talking about?”

When she heard his voice, Jiang Lingzhi felt wronged first, and she curled her lips lightly.

Li Shunan’s voice was as low and lazy as ever. He said in a low voice,””I went back home. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

Jiang Lingzhi was silent for a moment.

So he had returned to the alley.

Although he had explained, Jiang Lingzhi was still a little unhappy.

“You don’t like me anymore.” Jiang Lingzhi wrinkled her nose and complained,””I sent you a message yesterday, but you didn’t reply immediately.”

Li Shunan felt helpless and a little amused. He laughed softly and said lazily,””My phone ran out of battery. I only saw it when I charged it at home.”

Jiang Lingzhi snorted softly.” Before you guys have a change of heart, you all like to find this kind of excuse.””

“Huh?” Li Shunan asked.

Jiang Ling knew that he was trying to anger him. She used her chopsticks to stir the rice in her bowl and said in a muffled voice,”You don’t love me anymore. I want to go on a date with someone else.”

The other end of the phone fell silent.

Jiang Lingzhi waited for a long time, but there was no sound from the other side. She was about to move her phone away to take a look at the screen.

In the next moment.

The man’s magnetic voice was a little hoarse as it rang in her ear.”Do you want my life?”

As soon as he said this.

Jiang Lingzhi’s heart skipped a beat.

She was so stunned that she forgot to speak for a moment.

“I’ll teach you a lesson when I get back,” Li Shunan said in a low voice.”

Jiang Lingzhi was speechless.

She thought of what he had said in a hoarse voice just now.

Jiang Lingzhi blinked her eyes and suddenly reflected on herself. Was what she said just now too much?

She was just joking.

Why did her boyfriend seem to mind?

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