God Rank Upgrade System

Chapter 1445 - 1445 God King – Zhang Tiansheng

1445 God King – Zhang Tiansheng

“You want to play with flames huh?”

Lin Xiu chuckled when he saw what his opponent was doing.

As Lin Xiu thought about it, he quickly released his dark blue flames.

Compared to before, these flames were much more horrifying now.

“You will get killed soon!”

Zhi Long’s figure then appeared next to Lin Xiu.

“Shut up and lend me your strength!”

Lin Xiu sneered.

Then, the entire spear started shaking.

The body of the spear was slowly turning scarlet.

“Damn that old man! Can’t even give me some peace even if he died!”

Zhi Long’s expression turned twisted.

He was also gritting his teeth.

Only Lin Xiu could see Zhi Long’s figure.

The God King had no idea that the tool spirit was inside Lin Xiu’s spear.

“Shut up and kill him! I’ll help you restore your physical body soon.”

Lin Xiu negotiated with him.

Zhi Long had a change of expression after hearing so.

“You’re the same as the old man! Stop lying to me!”

Zhi Long didn’t believe Lin Xiu and roared in rage.

“I’m not lying to you. Forget it if you don’t trust me.”

Lin Xiu shouted at Zhi Long but at the same time, he noticed that Zhang Tiansheng was already getting closer.

Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes uncontrollably.

Clang – –

As the weapons collided with each other, there was a loud explosion from it.

The flames from his spear also collided with the orange flame released by Zhang Tiansheng.

There were countless explosions heard in the air.

Both were fighting the other party with their weapons.

Boom boom – –

The explosions continued.

“Brother, would you be able to control the water in the Black River?”

Luo Yue stared at Lin Xiu who was still fighting in the air as she asked Luo Huatina.

Lin Xiu had used up his vitality in the previous fight and he hadn’t got the chance to completely recover.

He wasn’t in his best form.

It would be difficult for him to defeat the God King now.

“I can’t. It’s too difficult.”

Luo Huatian shook his head.

He frowned as well as he looked at Lin Xiu.

They may seem equal but if this continued, Lin Xiu would not be able to win against the other party.

“YOu want to control the water in the Black River?”

Luo Huatian hesitated a little before asking Luo Yue.


Luo Yue nodded her head.

The God King was afraid of the waters of the Black River.

There were large amount of dark energy in it.

If she could control them, she would be able to help Lin Xiu in defeating this God King.

“I may have a way and I can teach you but I’m not sure if you will be able to control it.”

Luo Huatian suggested.

At this point, he could only split apart the river.

This was already the best that he could do.

Then, Luo Huatian quickly taught Luo Yue everything that he knew.

As for Lin Xiu, he was still busy fighting in the air.


Zhang Tiansheng roared as he swung his halberd at Lin Xiu.

“Who are you calling rubbish?”

Lin Xiu sneered. He blocked the attack with his long spear. Zhang Tiansheng felt the impact of it from his halberd and was forced to take a few steps backwards.

Then, Lin Xiu continued swinging his spear in the air.

Boom – –

Then, large numbers of flaming birds were released.

All of them were aimed at Zhang Tiansheng.

“Useless tricks!”

Seeing what was happening, Zhang Tiansheng roared as he lifted his halberd.

Flames in the shape of monsters then appeared and they were headed for Lin Xiu.

Both of them were attacking each other with flames and as they collided in the air, there were loud explosions that followed.

“Haha….you still can’t control my energy!”

“Otherwise, the God King would have been dead by now!”

Zhi Long suddenly appeared next to Lin Xiu and mocked him.

“You refuse to lend me your strength. If I die, you are stuck in this spear as well.”

Although Lin Xiu’s spear was now scarlet…

Zhi Long still has not released his powers.


Zhi Long sneered.

“You want me to become your tool spirit? You’re still too weak!”

“If it wasn’t because you had the old man’s inheritance, you wouldn’t have been able to seal me in your weapon!”

Lin Xiu continued moving his spear to release more dark blue flames.

Countless explosions happened across the sky as both flames collided with each other.

“Kill him. Otherwise, I will not help you.”

Zhi Long sneered.

He could feel that it would be impossible for Lin Xiu to kill this God King with his current strength.

Soon, Lin Xiu would be the one who ended up being killed!

“You’re the one who said it.”

Lin Xiu said indifferently.

The next moment, Lin Xiu appeared next to Zhang Tiansheng!

Then, his divine spirit appeared and started biting Zhang Tiansheng!

Black Dragon had grown to the point where it wouldn’t only damage the divine spirit, it can also damage the physical body!

Previously, it had only been focused on engulfing other divine spirits.

What was that?!

Seeing how there was a black dragon coming toward him, Zhang Tiansheng looked surprised.

He didn’t dare to directly come into contact with it and quickly dodged it.

Then, Lin Xiu suddenly appeared with his long spear.

There were also black particles that were released from the spear.

With these black particles, another black dragon appeared.

It went directly to Zhang Tiansheng as well!

There were two dragons that were attacking him from both sides!

Damn it!

Zhang Tiansheng had a change of expression.

He quickly released his ‘sphere’ and defended the attack of the divine spirit and also the warrior skill released by Lin Xiu.

He was a God King and his ‘sphere’ was incredibly tough. It was impossible to destroy it.


Lin Xiu sneered and started continuously attacking the man’s ‘sphere’ with his long spear.

Boom boom boom – –

With each attack, there was a loud sound that followed.

“This is useless. Once you get exhausted, the God King will retaliate.”

Zhi Long’s voice rang in his mind once again.

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