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Chapter 431 - Kill the Creature, The Highest Peak of the 11th Floor

Chapter 431: Kill the Creature, The Highest Peak of the 11th Floor

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“Courting death!”

A trace of anger flashed in the creature’s eyes.

It did not dare to be careless and immediately activated the energy in its body, preparing to give Ye Feng a fatal blow.

Although Ye Feng’s attack was very powerful and even made it somewhat miserable, the gap in cultivation was too big after all. Even if he tried his best, he would not be able to defeat it.

The only thing that made it afraid was Ye Feng’s violent power. Although this guy’s swordsmanship was not as good as its power, the power that Ye Feng released was definitely above its own!

But it was not afraid.

Because Ye Feng only had one weakness, which was his slow speed. It only needed to delay this guy and then take the opportunity to absorb the spiritual energy in his body, and then it would be able to kill him.

Unfortunately, this guy did not play by the rules at all.

Ye Feng did not care at all and went straight for the vital point in its chest, as if he was going to die together with it.

The creature panicked and hurriedly retreated, but it was still half a step too late. It was hit in the abdomen by a sword.


A miserable cry sounded. The creature’s abdomen was pierced through, and it was badly mutilated.

It panicked and roared crazily. However, Ye Feng seized this opportunity and once again moved forward, slashing at the creature’s head.

This sword directly cut off the creature’s head, but the creature’s body was still intact.

‘D*mn it!’Ye Feng couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

“Jie jie, ignorant fellow. Although your attack is fierce, it can’t kill me with my immortal body. You’ll die sooner or later, and you’ll be sucked dry alive by me! Jie jie…”

The creature let out a rampant laugh that shook the nine heavens.

“Hmph!”Ye Feng snorted in disdain.

Ye Feng had many ways to deal with undying things. He didn’t have to kill it.

Then, he took out a few pills from his storage space and threw them into his mouth.

“Gulp gulp gulp gulp…”

After the pills entered his stomach, Ye Feng felt that his entire body was hot and unbearable. His skin was flushed red as if it was burning, and sweat flowed down the surface of his body.

Immediately after, he felt that his limbs, bones, and internal organs were all burning with raging flames.


Ye Feng let out a low roar, and his entire body instantly expanded several times. The muscles all over his body swelled up, as if he was made of steel.

At this moment, the creature also saw this scene and was immediately scared out of its wits.

Did this guy take the wrong medicine?


Not good!

The creature was shocked and was about to dodge when another low growl was heard. Ye Feng grew bigger again.


The creature finally understood.

Ye Feng’s aura became more and more powerful. It was as if a mountain had risen from the ground.

The powerful aura that was emitted from Ye Feng’s body made the creature feel inexplicable fear. It couldn’t help but want to escape.

“You can’t escape! Stay here!”Ye Feng roared and punched the creature.

With a bang, the creature’s body exploded, revealing a ball of green mist. The mist condensed into a ball and Ye Feng grabbed it. After it exploded, it turned into a strong aura of life and entered his body.


As soon as this green mist entered Ye Feng’s body, it was devoured by the yin-yang fish in his body.

His aura instantly soared and reached a new peak.

“Awesome!”Ye Feng shouted.

Although he knew that everything was an illusion, he did not care.

“Haha, since this is a gift from you, then let me enjoy it!”

Ye Feng licked his lips excitedly and then rushed toward the creature.

At this time, Ye Feng’s speed was even faster than before. Every move was swift and fierce, killing the enemy with every move.

The creature had no time to resist at all. It was trampled on by Ye Feng like a sandbag.

In just a few minutes, its body completely exploded, turning into ashes and dissipating in the air, leaving only a trace of remnant will.


“D*mned ant! You dare to destroy my body, you’re dead! I’ll never forgive you!”

The incomparably vicious words echoed in Ye Feng’s ears.

Ye Feng was not afraid at all.

He raised his head and looked at the high sky, mumbling, “Since this is your obsession, then I’ll completely destroy it!”


After saying that, Ye Feng raised his hands and a surge of spiritual energy surged out, sweeping towards the remnant will of the creature in the sky.


“I hate it!”


An incomparably shrill scream sounded.

In the blink of an eye, the remnant of the creature was completely wiped out, leaving no trace behind.

Ye Feng sighed slightly.

This creature, as expected, possessed an undying body.

It was already completely different from humans, perhaps because it was a creature.

“I’ll be able to enter Sky City soon, and then I’ll be able to further improve myself. Not to mention the Water Elemental Dragon King, even if another Dragon King with peak strength comes, I’ll still be able to defeat it!”

Ye Feng’s eyes shone with determination.

He turned around and continued on his journey.

Along the way, he encountered many powerful creatures. Ye Feng did not hold back and killed them one by one, reaping a bountiful harvest.

In this world, strength was the most important principle.

Ye Feng was invincible all the way. He rushed to the highest peak of the 11th floor in one breath and finally saw a pitch-black narrow door.

On both sides of the narrow door stood two ferocious sculptures. They were about 200 feet tall and lifelike. They were like real people, exuding a chilling aura.

Outside the narrow door was a dark and narrow passage. It was so deep that one could not see the bottom. It was as if there were countless demons hiding inside to spy on him.

But this did not affect Ye Feng in the slightest.

He was full of confidence and strode over with his head held high.


After a series of violent shaking, he arrived at another world.

This was a vast and boundless plain. The vegetation was verdant, the flowers were in full bloom, and the scenery was pleasant.

Ye Feng looked over and a lush and verdant forest appeared in his line of sight.

Seeing this scene, Ye Feng was slightly stunned.

In his imagination, this should be a desolate ruin, but he did not expect it to be filled with the fragrance of birds and flowers, like a paradise.

“Looks like this is an illusion, but this illusion is too realistic. Even the plants are growing so densely!”

Ye Feng frowned and pondered, then walked closer.

“Huh? What’s going on? Why are these plants fake?”

He looked surprised.

Ye Feng tentatively touched a plant and found that it was real and did not have any special energy.

He walked to the other plants and tested them. They were also ordinary flowers and did not have any spiritual energy at all.

Ye Feng was a little confused.

According to the information provided by the system, as long as he passed through this illusion, he could reach Sky City, but why did he get lost?

He stood there thinking hard.

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