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Chapter 1399 - 1399 Banquet Invitation

1399 Banquet Invitation

In short, there were still many things that he could do. He should work hard to improve his strength first. When the opportunity came, he could firmly grasp it.

As he thought about it, Fang Heng took the invitation card from his backpack.

[Tower of Bones-Invitation card.]

Description: An invitation from the Tower of Bones. Authority has been activated.

Description: The player can use points to study various areas of Catantul City. Please commission the exchange in the city to recharge and exchange points.

Remaining points in the card: 5000.

In short, he had to improve himself as quickly as possible.

He would start by leveling up his middle-tier necromancy skill!

Fang Heng recalled the information related to Bones in his mind.

Bones was a relatively strong skeletal creature. Compared to ordinary skeletons, it had a further improvement. Moreover, it also had combat memories from its previous life and various combat techniques.

Fang Heng had never seen it with his own eyes, so he roughly judged that it should not be difficult to deal with it.

After all, Bones lacked magic attacks, so it couldn’t deal with his zombie horde.

While he was deep in thought, Fang Heng had already left the Tower of Bones with the necromancy attendants.

Outside the door, countless pairs of eyes were staring at Fang Heng.

When the people of the Federation saw Fang Heng, their hearts skipped a beat.

Kou Ming couldn’t help but ask, “Captain, he’s out. I don’t know if he’s accepted the mission. Should we follow up and take a look? Think of a way to get in touch with him?”


Zheng Yuping asked after some thought, “Is there any feedback from the higher-ups?”

“Not yet. Our people are trying to communicate with Fang Heng. It has been very difficult to contact him. The hidden world is unable to take photos, so we have no way to do a technical comparison to confirm Fang Heng’s identity.”

“Mm, okay, let’s follow him. Don’t get too close to him to avoid arousing his hostility. If the other party intentionally shakes us off, we won’t continue to follow.”


The few members of the Federation team nodded.

Seeing Fang Heng leave the Tower of Bones and head out of the city, many people, including those from the Federation, followed him.

Forget it.

The next step was to complete the mission and kill the skeleton.

Where could he find Bones?

Fang Heng was deep in thought. Just as he left the talent advancement area, he noticed a carriage slowly stopping in front of him.

A handsome young man stepped down from the carriage.

The young man was very polite. He got off the carriage and bowed respectfully to Fang Heng. He asked, “Hello, are you Mr. Fang Heng?”

Fang Heng raised his head, a hint of doubt flashing in his eyes, “Who are you?”

“Hello, I’m Harold, the deputy manager of Catantul City’s Rand Chamber of Commerce. I heard that you helped our Chamber of Commerce survive the undead storm today. The manager of the Chamber of Commerce was very grateful after learning about this and invited you to attend tonight’s family banquet. Miss Elisa will also be there tonight.”

Fang Heng frowned.

The Rand Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce that they had met on the way.

“There’s no need. Thank you for your master’s kindness. I still have other things to deal with, so I won’t be going.”

Harold noticed the displeasure on Fang Heng’s face and nodded, “It was presumptuous of us to invite you in such a hurry. The supervisor said that if you have other matters that you can’t get away from, we won’t force you to go. Also, this is a letter that Miss Elisa commission me to pass to you.”


Fang Heng took the letter and quickly glanced through it.

The content of the letter was not long.

Elisa was generally grateful to Fang Heng for helping her survive the undead storm. She had just found her cousin and settled down in the manor at Shadow Street No. 823 in the west of the city. Three days later, the Rand Chamber of Commerce would hold a three-hundredth anniversary banquet for the city’s Chamber of Commerce. She hoped that Fang Heng could attend as her good friend.

To Fang Heng’s surprise, after he finished reading the letter, a line of game prompts appeared on his retina.

[Hint: The player has obtained Rand Chamber of Commerce’s friendliness. Current friendliness: Friendly.]

[Hint: The player obtained permission to enter the Rand Chamber of Commerce’s area. The player has obtained permission to enter the private territory of the large manor at Shadow Street No. 823 in the Western region.]


Elisa’s new residence was actually a large manor?

It seemed that the Rand Chamber of Commerce was quite rich.

Fang Heng had a feeling.

Once such an invitation was accepted, there was a high chance that a mission would be triggered.

As for whether the mission was worth his time, it was hard to say.

The talent upgrade mission he had was already enough for him to suffer. There was no need to complicate things. He just needed to focus on what was in front of him.

“Got it.”

Fang Heng’s expression was indifferent as he put away the letter.

Seeing that Fang Heng did not say whether he would accept the invitation, Harold tacitly did not ask further. He nodded and said, “Mr. Fang Heng, where are you going next? Do you need us to give you a ride?”

“No need.”

“Then we won’t disturb you anymore. We’ll take our leave first.”

“Wait a minute.”

Fang Heng stretched out his hand and stopped Harold.

“Yes, Mr. Fang Heng. Is there anything else you need me to convey to Miss Elisa?”

“No, I want to ask you something. Do you know anything about the area around Catantul?”

Hearing Fang Heng’s words, Harold was a little disappointed, but he still nodded respectfully in response, “Mr. Fang Heng, I’ve lived here for more than a hundred years, so I know the surrounding area quite well.”

“Then are there any areas where Bones gather nearby?”

“Yes, Mr. Fang Heng. Leave from the west gate and walk along the main road. You can see a bone graveyard about 30 kilometers away.”

As he spoke, he gestured to the necromancy attendant behind him, and the latter quickly handed over a sheepskin scroll.

“Mr. Fang Heng, this is a simple map of the Catantul region made by our Chamber of Commerce. It can provide you with basic directions. As the outside world is affected by the undead storm, the terrain often changes, so there may be some differences.”

[Hint: The player has obtained the Catantul region map (self-made by Rand Chamber of Commerce).]

Description: This is a self-made map. There may be errors. Please use it carefully.

Fang Heng took the map and nodded.”Thank you. Say hi to Elisa for me.”

“I’ll definitely convey your message to her.”

Fang Heng picked up the map and browsed through it as he watched Harold and his men drive away in the carriage.

The map was quite detailed, and several dangerous areas outside the city were circled.

The location of the bone graveyard seemed to be not far from Catantul.

It wouldn’t take long for him to fly there in his bat form.

If he estimated the time correctly, he would be able to complete the advancement of a mid-tier necromancy mage before dark!

Putting away the map, Fang Heng turned and walked towards the west of the city.

The people behind Fang Heng saw the scene of Fang Heng and the Rand Chamber of Commerce coming into contact, and they started whispering again.

The Rand Chamber of Commerce was one of the largest merchant associations in the city.

It seemed that Fang Heng was also involved with the forces in the game.

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