Genius Summoner

Chapter 1442

1442 Dragon Breath (8)

What Qi Luo said made Luo Teng smile in obvious disbelief. In his eyes, Yun Feng was also a member of the Sea Clan. Why would the fatal factors not work on her? She was indeed very strong, but she shouldn’t be so special!

“Let’s go forward. We’ll see what they do clearly.” Yun Feng got up and walked out after saying that. Qi Luo certainly followed her. Luo Teng was a bit hesitant behind with a conflicted look. Thinking of the extremely uncomfortable feeling just then, he didn’t want to go forward again, but he gritted his teeth and followed her in the end.

The three of them lay dormant on a high slope. At the bottom of the slope was the place where Luo Teng said they would set up camp. They could see the situation below clearly from the high stance. Yun Feng glanced around briefly. There were only a dozen members of the Clam Phoenix Tribe here. The three princes only brought a few with them, but they were all top-notch experts. It seemed that the elites of the Clam Phoenix Tribe were all gathered here.

The high stance had a good view. Even though she was far away, she could hear the commotion below very clearly. The conversation between the three princes could be heard clearly by Yun Feng and the others.

“I didn’t expect Brother to come here. It’s truly not easy!”


“As far as I know, the people Brother sent out to investigate were seriously injured and almost died.”

“Tut-tut, that’s truly a pity. You lost a general, but you can’t get any information. You really suffered a double loss.”

There was inevitably ridicule in the tone of the Second Prince and the Third Prince of the Clam Phoenix Tribe. Yun Feng curled her lips. She had already expected that the royal family of the Clam Phoenix Tribe definitely couldn’t be harmonious, especially this time. In order to fight for the map fragment, the scene of brothers killing each other might happen.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. Even though my general was injured, he’s already completely recovered.”

The other two princes of the Clams couldn’t help but feel shocked after hearing that. It seemed that they also knew how fatal the Sanglong Canyon was to the Sea Clan. “Big brother is truly lucky. That man can even be saved when he’s about to die!”

“With the help of an expert, he’ll certainly be fine. We all know what’s on our minds. Let me be clear. Do you have what it takes to enter Sanglong Canyon?”

The Second Prince and the Third Prince of the Clam Phoenix Tribe narrowed their eyes fiercely after hearing that. The Crown Prince of the Clam Phoenix Tribe burst into laughter. “The reason why you’re lingering here and not going in is because you can’t enter, right?”

Yun Feng, who was high up, clearly saw the Second Prince and the Third Prince of the Clam Phoenix Tribe gnashing their teeth. They had obviously been here for a while. The reason why they were still wandering outside was definitely because they didn’t dare to go in. After all, the dragon breath was extremely fatal. If they didn’t deal with it well, they could lose their lives inside at any time. Looking at the confident expression of the Crown Prince, Yun Feng raised her brows. Had the Crown Prince found a solution and knew that the thing that made the Sea Clan fatal was the dragon breath?

“Brother, you’re quite confident. It seems that you’re not afraid of getting yourself killed?”

The Crown Prince burst into laughter after hearing this. “It’s all up to your capabilities. If it’s you, you’ll definitely die.” The Crown Prince flipped his wrist and a small bottle of potion appeared in his hand. Yun Feng, who was high up, widened her black eyes when she saw this. Wasn’t that the potion formula she casually gave

The eyes of the Second Prince and the Third Prince of the Clams immediately brightened when they saw this. “Are you going in with potions?”

The corners of the Crown Prince’s mouth curled up and there was a hint of arrogance on his originally charming facial features. “You can only watch me go in.” After saying that, he was about to raise his head and drink it, but two gusts of dark wind suddenly came. The Crown Prince keenly retreated. It was the Second Prince and the Third Prince who attacked at the same time.

“Since Brother has this item, we certainly can’t wait!”

The Crown Prince sneered and instantly put away the potion. “You want to attack? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

In an instant, a battle broke out. Sand and stones were flying below. The three princes of the Clams should be like fire and water. The three of them fought together, and their own people were also fighting chaotically. The sound of fighting soared to the sky, which was very lively.

“Qi Luo, I can’t take you in.” Yun Feng looked at Qi Luo next to her and said. Qi Luo bit her lips gently and didn’t say anything. Luo Teng raised his brows and glanced at Yun Feng. “Are you going in? You’ll die if you go in!”

“Don’t worry about that.” Yun Feng patted her body and stood up. She looked down at the chaotic battle below from above. The more chaotic it was, the more she liked it! Luo Teng also stood up quickly. “Don’t even think about getting rid of me!”

Yun Feng curled her lips. “If you have the courage, just come with me.”

Luo Teng was startled and looked ahead with lingering fear. That feeling that made him extremely afraid still lingered. He didn’t want to get close at all, not even a bit! However, if he didn’t follow her in, what if Yun Feng didn’t come out or abandon him? Wouldn’t this journey be in vain?

Luo Teng gritted his teeth fiercely, but Yun Feng ignored him. She sincerely hoped that he wouldn’t follow her. After all, Luo Teng was a real member of the Sea Clan. The dragon breath was also fatal to him. “Let me give you a piece of advice. Don’t follow me.” After saying that, Yun Feng jumped down and directly turned into a black line, disappearing in the chaotic battle. Qi Luo looked at Luo Teng with glittering eyes. “What she said makes sense. You…”

“Cut the crap!” Luo Teng’s body flashed and he directly jumped down, disappearing into the chaotic battle at an extremely high speed. Qi Luo stood on the high slope alone and looked down hesitantly. Should she wait here or follow them in… If she followed them in, her life might be in danger…

“I’ve finally caught up with you! I, Jiao Yun, won’t let you go. Stop!” A loud voice suddenly came, tearing apart the smoke of the battle that filled the sky, which stunned everyone in the chaotic battle. The sudden voice also shocked Yun Feng and Luo Teng. It was Jiao Yun! How did he come all the way here?

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