Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 5946: Can’t Afford To Stay In Splendor

Chapter 5946: Can’t Afford To Stay In Splendor

Chu Zhu returned home to her clan after being gone for who knows how many years. The clan was situated in the mountain range outside of a grand city.

“This is Splendor.” Chu Zhu pointed at the magnificent city along the way.

Li Qiye looked over and sure enough, the city lived up to its name. It looked like a star hanging over heaven with floating structures surrounded by mist. Others were hidden deep in the mountains, large enough to look like independent domains. Others rose majestically from the peaks, piercing the sky.

Divine bridges spanned the vast distances across the clouds, connecting the areas. This city seemed to be the size of a kingdom. An aura of nobility emanated as if there were peerless treasures hidden underground.

“A rare sight of wealth.” Li Qiye said.

“The city was built by Splendor Monarch who is no longer in Sin. It is the most prosperous place in Sin, the majority of trading takes place here.” She said: “It is in the territory of Enigma but the dynasty has no jurisdiction over it. This freedom makes it a desirable place for many sects and clans, they decide to take roots right outside.”

“Due to declination.” Li Qiye smiled: “No longer have the ability to stay in the city but don’t want to go too far.”

“Yes, you’re putting them to shame. They can’t afford to stay in the city any longer, my clan included.” Chu Zhu smiled and admitted.

The Zhu was built on a mountain range facing Splendor. Their place certainly couldn’t compare to the wealthy city.

Of course, it looked like a paradise with pavilions and serene streams in the eyes of mortals but they knew better. Otherwise, there would be a divine bridge extending from the city to their place.

“Here is my birthplace.” She introduced with a smile: “We have fallen indeed, please don’t laugh, Young Noble.”

“There isn’t a grand aura here but if you wish, you can change it into a great lineage.” Li Qiye said.

“Thank you for that, but we are not qualified any longer.” She smiled.

“It’s because you harbor no such thought.” Li Qiye said.

She was strong enough to look down on anyone in Sin. Thus, she could rebuild her clan into something mighty again.

“The tallest tree gets hit by the strongest wind, it might not be a good thing.” She sighed.

The two entered the clan and a familiar presence caused him to frown and let out a sigh.

“Is there something wrong?” She noticed and asked.

“Looks like fate.” He smiled.

Chu Zhu was surprised but he didn’t elaborate. As the strongest member of the clan, everyone came out to kneel and greet her.

Her status was supreme so even the most influential figures in the clan found themselves insignificant. She was an ancient ancestor as well so only juniors were left.

They stared at her with nothing but reverence as if she were an immortal. They prostrated quietly, not daring to show any disrespect.

Of course, they were curious about the mortal walking with her. She seemed to be treating him as an equal.

“The scene is the same, not the people.” She said sentimentally.

“Ancestor, you’ve been gone for eras now.” An ancestor from the clan remarked: “The other ancestors have passed away.”

These other ancestors were her direct juniors, one of whom was her little brother.

“Yes, those who should leave have left.” She said as they walked through the clan.

“Perhaps it is time for you.” He said.

“This is my last visit, I should say goodbye to the past.” She said.

She left as a young girl and returned as a supreme cultivator at the apex. The ancestors walking behind them were shocked but didn’t dare to comment on her decision.

Li Qiye looked around and said: “This is not a clan, Chu isn’t the only surname.”

“You know about this too?” Chu Zhu was surprised.

“This mountain range, its foundation and resources, they didn’t come from one branch alone.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Nothing can hide from you, Young Noble.” She remarked.

The old men stared at Li Qiye curiously. How did this mortal understand their clan after a single glance? Of course, something like this shouldn’t surprise them since he was qualified to accompany their ancestor.

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