Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Chapter 1350 - 1350 Bloodstained Universe! (2)

1350 Bloodstained Universe! (2)

Countless soldiers risked their lives to win that battle. This was also a type of trust!

Wang Teng felt the burden on his shoulders.

He wasn’t a great person. It was the basic responsibility he should have as part of the human race.

Honestly, he had already done his best. He did many things other celestial warriors couldn’t do, tilting the scales to the human side for some time.

But, man proposes, and god disposes. Wars were filled with uncertainty and that was the result.

He couldn’t accept it!

They had reached that step, so they must not lose!

Numerous soldiers and martial warriors were fighting with their lives on the line. How could he give up that easily?

Wang Teng lowered his head and muttered to himself softly, “No matter what, we must not lose!”

The voice was faint, but the powerful warriors were able to hear him.

Bai Shanhou was shocked.

General Cameron was elated. He had always trusted Wang Teng; a single sentence was enough for him to feel the young hero’s undying spirit.

Devil Titan Death Bone looked over with a scary gaze. They were worlds apart, but his eyes were still horrifying; no one could look at them straight on. His gaze was filled with disdain.

This celestial warrior… bragging shamelessly!

“You can’t lose?” Bare Brain laughed. His face contorted as he swung his mace to push the robots back. Then, he scoffed and added, “You barely manage to stop me with these three dead things. What right do you have to say that?

“You have lost!

“After I destroy these robots, I will personally chop your head off… No, I will spare your life and have you witness how I annihilate the human race!”

“Try it!” said Wang Teng, raising his head and staring right at Bare Brain. Then, he smiled; there was a mad tinge flashing in his pitch-black eyes.

The Devil Emperor frowned when he saw that gaze.

The expression made him uncomfortable. He felt the urge to dig that pair of eyes out.

Wang Teng took a deep breath and stepped forward. He walked past Bai Shanhou and General Cameron, then floated silently in space.

He stretched out a hand and squinted a bit. An invisible power of space revolved around his body.

The spatial power seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, replenishing the space reserves he had used up when he executed his Space Tornado.

Good thing I left a clone on the planet, so I managed to pick up some space attribute bubbles, Wang Teng thought.

He had enough space attributes to execute his Space Tornado again.

This time, he would send Bare Brain a big one, greater than the vortex he used to injure the Obelisk Scale Dragon Beast.

He was struck by an idea.

It was indeed sudden. It popped in his mind in a second.

However, if he managed to put it into action, he could send the Devil Emperor back home crying.

It would be his first attempt, so it was all up to fate!

Wang Teng opened his eyes abruptly, the madness in them becoming more evident. Even the general felt goosebumps on his skin.


A powerful surge of space power was spread without any warning, spinning around the young hero.

“Space fluctuation!” Bai Shanhou was surprised. He knew that the boy had space talent but the powerful flux was still unexpected.

It was really strong!

He probably couldn’t create something of that caliber.

And yet, the young man did it while still being a celestial stage warrior. It was hard to see through him.

Bare Brain—at the moment surrounded by the three robots—felt the fluctuation and squinted.

This human possesses a powerful space talent!

Devil Titan Death Bone also looked at the young human, ruthlessness and cruelty showing in his eyes.

Is this another human talent?

He must die!


Wang Teng was unconcerned by what they were thinking. He didn’t have the time anyway; all his attention was on controlling his space power.

The fluctuation swept through, churning the surrounding space and revealing the emptiness beyond. The gale created by the void on the other side of the dimensional rifts spun around the hero’s figure, soon becoming a terrifying tornado.

Bare Brain looked grim. He attacked the three robots violently, all in an attempt to get rid of them.

Wang Teng would definitely not allow the latter to escape easily. He released his spiritual power and controlled the robots to buy him more time.

He hadn’t finished preparing his ultimate move!

The young human’s face became extremely pale as the Space Tornado started to form. Two consecutive uses of that force was too much for him to bear. He may well have collected some space attribute bubbles in the process, but that would not solve the problem.

He felt an excruciating pain in his body, as if cut by the power of space. Thin wounds started appearing on his skin, while fresh blood flowed out from cuts and pores.

“This isn’t enough!” Wang Teng gritted his teeth. He bore with the pain and released the origins he mastered to fuse with the Space Tornado.

That is what he wanted to try!

He wanted to merge origin power with his ultimate move, but that would be extremely difficult; a single mistake and he could explode and die.

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