Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

Chapter 2191: Battle Corpse Sect Trial

Chapter 2191: Battle Corpse Sect Trial

The Battle Corpse Sect cannot be regarded as a huge sect in the underground world. But when it comes to strength, it was still stronger than the Water Ghost Sect. The Water Ghost Sect was famous not because of their strength, but because of their water element ghosts.

The Battle Ghost Sect relied entirely on their strength to gain their reputation. The Battle Corpse Sect was also a special sect in the underground world. Almost all the sects in the underground world cultivated battle ghosts. Meanwhile, the Battle Corpse Sect cultivated battle corpses. 

Although the Battle Corpse Sect wasn’t the strongest sect in the underground world, they held the absolute authority in their territory.

Every year, the gangs under the Battle Corpse Sect would bring their elite members to the Battle Corpse Sect hoping that they could join the sect. In turn, these elite members would provide benefits to their gangs. The same situation was true for the Ghost Child Gang.

The Battle Corpse Sect’s trial was very strict. Each year, there would be numerous deaths during the trials. These were elites of the gangs, famous people in their own cities. However, the underground world was too big. There can only be so many geniuses. And a dead genius isn’t a genius.

On the day of the Battle Corpse Sect’s trial, various representatives of the gangs arrived. The people of the Ghost Child Gang also arrived. Including Zhao Hai, there were ten people. Leading them was a Teleportation Stage elder.

Zhao Hai curiously looked around. He discovered that the Battle Corpse Sect was inside a hollowed-out mountain. The main hall of the Battle Corpse Sect was quite peculiar. It was a huge ancient tomb inside a mountain. Also seen on the mountain walls were all kinds of murals.

Zhao Hai was currently passing through what seems to be a cemetery. There were torches in the cemetery, making it look more eerie.

At this time, two coffins appeared on both sides of the cemetery. Both of the coffins were made of fine wood carved with various patterns. The patterns formed a mysterious rune.

Zhao Hai was curious about the runes on the coffins. He had the Space record the runes for later analysis.

The other members of the Ghost Child Gang who came to participate in the trial were also curiously looking around. Only the Elder accompanying them were calm.

Just as Zhao Hai passed by the coffin, he suddenly felt that he was being watched. Zhao Hai stared, he immediately understood that the corpse in the coffin must have been looking at him. The coffin wasn’t there for decoration, it was a means of defense for the Battle Corpse Sect.

Zhao Hai passed through multiple such coffins on their way. Adding everything up, Zhao Hai counted hundreds of pairs of coffins. He deduced from the qi coming from them that the corpses in the coffins were in the Soul Fusion Stage. This was a surprise for Zhao Hai.

After walking for more than an hour, Zhao Hai and the others arrived in a huge hall around the size of ten stadiums. In the middle of the hall were pillars around ten meters in diameter. All of the pillars were carved with special runes.

In the giant hall were cultivators who were looking at the surroundings. It was clear that they were here to participate in the Battle Corpse Sect’s trial.

When Zhao Hai and his group arrived at the location, they didn’t cause any commotion. However, they still attracted the attention of some cultivators. Zhao Hai turned his head and saw that they seem to be cultivators from the gangs around the Ghost Child Gang. The reason they looked over was because of the Ghost Child Gang’s recent eradication of the Green Zombie Gang. Now that the Ghost Child Gang’s strength has increased greatly, they began to pressure the gangs around them.

Everyone from the Ghost Child Gang stood calmly in place. They were already instructed to behave before they came to the Battle Corpse Sect. The Battle Corpse Sect didn’t care where they came from. Without the Battle Corpse Sect’s permission, nobody was allowed to make a move. If someone violates this rule, the Battle Corpse Sect wouldn’t be polite.

Because of this, although there were hostile gazes directed towards them, Zhao Hai and the others were calm. They knew that these people would dare do anything in the Battle Corpse Sect.

After some time, a ghost’s scream was heard. The entire hall immediately became silent. Then a sound of chilling wind came towards Zhao Hai and the others. When they looked up, they saw five people flying in the air. These five people were wearing bright yellow clothing. In front of the group was an old man with white hair and a round face. He might look kind if he were an ordinary person. However, the old man’s eyes completely changed his image.

The old man’s eyes were ominous, as if it contained endless killing intent. One could see at a glance that he had killed a lot of people.

Seeing the Battle Corpse Sect Elder, the elder of the Ghost Child Gang’s face paled a little. This was because he recognized this elder. The old man was a known ruthless cultivator.

The Elder from the Battle Corpse Sect was called Wei Tiande. He’s a famous elder of the Battle Corpse Sect. He had a nickname of Blood Corpse Wei. One could see what kind of person he is from this name.

Wei Tiande became known for taking lives as though he was harvesting wheat. He was also known for the amount of battle corpses he had.

Most Battle Corpse Sect disciples have, on average, twelve battle corpses. There were even some who used only one or two. Wei Tiande, on the other hand, has 36 battle corpses.

Wei Tiande was born with a stronger soul compared to others. This gift allowed him to use a lot more battle corpses.

The reason the elder of the Ghost Child Gang’s face changed when he saw Wei Tiande was because Wei Tiande was known for being quick to kill. This person was extremely volatile. Nobody could tell his mood. And when Wei Tiande was happy, he liked to see people kill each other like he was watching a play. And when he is unhappy, he liked to kill. In short, it doesn’t matter if he was happy or not, somebody would die regardless.

Wei Tiande didn’t care about anyone’s thoughts about him. He landed on the high platform and looked at everyone before saying, “You’re all here to participate in the trial of the Battle Corpse Sect. You should already be aware of the sect’s rules. This time, the trial is simple. Therefore, those who don’t intend to participate in the trial will need to leave the hall. Once the doors are closed, it would only open again once only a tenth of the participants remain. Those who survive will become disciples of the Battle Corpse Sect. Now, those who aren’t here for the trial, leave.” After saying that, Wei Tiande disappeared along with the other members of the Battle Corpse Sect.

The members of the gangs inside the hall were shocked. Then the elders couldn’t help but sigh before leaving the hall. Once the elders left, the entire hall was covered with a film of light. Zhao Hai felt that he and the others were worms in a bowl.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. It didn’t take long before a pitiful yell was heard. People turned their heads to discover Zhao Hai grabbing two twisted necks. There was no doubt that the two cultivators were already dead.

Those present immediately recovered. They became aware that everyone around them had become their enemies. Whether they be from the same gang or not, all of them wanted to live and join the Battle Corpse Sect. This meant that they needed to kill people in order to protect themselves.

The entire hall turned chaotic in an instant. Everyone attacked each other. At this moment, they had no friends, only enemies.

Everyone attacked anyone who could still move. Zhao Hai’s killing of two cultivators was the spark that ignited the entire hall.

After Zhao Hai killed the two cultivators, he moved behind a pillar and withdrew his aura. Because of the chaotic state of the hall, nobody noticed Zhao Hai. Even if someone did, they weren’t as fast as Zhao Hai. And before anyone else could hide behind the pillar, someone was already at their necks. Even if they wanted to hide, they could not.

Zhao Hai stood calmly behind the pillar, looking at the red-eyed cultivators killing each other. He was certain that the remaining cultivators wouldn’t be a tenth of the original number. Everyone was crazily killing each other. It would be impossible to count how many would be left in the end.

Zhao Hai also noticed that every move is under the gaze of someone. The feeling of being watched was ever present. Zhao Hai knew very well that the people of the Battle Corpse Sect wouldn’t be watching the trial, but they also wouldn’t ignore it.

More and more people died in the hall, almost painting the entire ground red. It must be known that there were quite a large number of participants in the trial. Zhao Hai made calculations, although the number wouldn’t reach ten thousand, it was very close. 

Zhao Hai discovered that although the ground was covered in blood, the blood was constantly flowing. It was permeating through the ground.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai’s pupils couldn’t help but shrink. He now understood why the Battle Corpse Sect chose this type of trial. They needed a lot of blood, preferably from cultivators. Therefore, they made the participants kill themselves, providing a rich amount of blood for the sect to collect.

Zhao Hai sighed. Then he looked at the frantic killing inside the hall. These people were being used and were treated as fools. However, Zhao Hai believed that even if they knew, they would still do it. This was because cultivators knew that they would eventually need to jump into a huge pit in their path to progress.

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