All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 583

Chapter 583: Can pseudo divine powers be eaten?

“Boss, is there still room?”

“Damn it, isn’t this hot pot too delicious?”

“This is hot pot? Damn it, why is it so delicious?”

At this time, many cultivators from Tianlong Island, as well as various ethnic groups, and even many Pippi Shrimp were all eating and drinking in this hotpot restaurant, and from the open window, from time to time, they would eat a lot of food. They could hear and see that each of these guests were eating scrumptiously.

The owner of the spirit food pavilion was stunned, so he gritted his teeth and ran in to eat, pretending to be a customer.

“What? I have to queue up for a number?” The boss of this spirit food pavilion vomited. He was a dignified cultivator in the Sea Wheel Realm, and he still had to line up for a meal?

Okay, I will bear it!

After waiting for half an hour, the spirit food pavilion boss finally stepped into the store.

Immediately, a player came over in a standard suit and gave the boss of the Spirit Food Pavilion a seat.

“Guest, what kind of pot do you want?”

“What kind of pot are there!”

“There is a hot pot with hell spicy flavor mixed with fifth-rank monster blood! 298 spirit stones!

“There are also Endless Life Health Pot containing the power of pseudo-divine power! 398 pieces of spirit stones!

“Of course, boss, you are majestic, and you are a wealthy person at first glance. I hereby recommend a higher-level pot bottom!

“Add 1 drop of fifth-rank spirit material, the Water of Life, mixed with the soup of hundreds of great demon blood, and then stewed in the pot with the Female Fire Dragon scales! The symbol of an absolutely noble person! The supreme pot! One pot only costs 998 spirit stones!” the player said skillfully.

“???” The boss of the Spirit Food Pavilion were stupefied.

What is this?

Pseudo-divine powers?

Can you eat the pseudo divine powers?

The demon blood of the fifth-order monster?

You are only at the Sea Wheel Realm, how did you kill the fifth-rank monster?

Dragon scale stewed soup from Female Fire Dragon? Water of life, a fifth-rank spiritual material?

Are you kidding me?

“Hah, I want all!”

Soon, the boss of the Lingshi Pavilion stared at everything in front of him in a daze. “Wood technique, nine-wood bonfire technique!” This player made nine wooden sticks skillfully with one wooden technique and crossed them.

“Heavenly Fire technique, the art of cooking hot pot!” Next, the player casually tapped the suppressed Heavenly Fire on the nine wooden sticks.

As the flames ignited, this small bonfire turned into a fire source. Its power was just enough to cook a hot pot, and it would not damage the bottom of the pot, nor would it burn all nine small sticks at once.

“Here comes the spicy pot!” Next, the player skillfully brought up a cauldron, took out the interspatial ring, and dripped a drop of black demon blood from a crystal clear bottle.


As soon as the blood fell into the pot, a terrifying aura erupted, and the whole soup turned black, and a ferocious and cruel phantom of a monster could be vaguely seen, slowly floating in the pot.

It was the phantom of the fifth-rank monster, the real red-eyed black dragon. “Pseudo-divine power, Life is Endless!” Next, this player served another clear soup, and casted Life is Endless, and a touch of green light fell into the soup.

Immediately, a strong aura of life was exuded from the soup!

“Here comes the Supreme Pot!!!” Soon, the player came with a big pot, which was half a meter long and wide, and the inside was rich.

The extremely bloody aura almost exploded!

After a rough perception, it was all the aura of big monsters!

At least a hundred kinds of bloody aura of big monsters permeated this soup pot! Any body cultivator couldn’t wait to drink this cauldron in one gulp. It would definitely be of great benefit to tempering the body!

“Female Fire Dragon Scale, genuine goods at a fair price, no deceit! By the way, customers, if you dare to steal this dragon scale, don’t blame me for not reminding you that father Feavenly Fire is behind this store!” The thumb-sized Female Fire Dragon scale was put into the pot.

Immediately, bursts of thin but astonishing dragon aura suddenly permeated!

“Water of Life!!!” The player flipped his palm over and brought a small jade pot filled with diluted Water of Life, gently pouring a drop into the pot.


The next moment, in this supreme cauldron, the rich vitality, the blood of beasts, and the aura of the dragon race exuded a shocking atmosphere!

“???” The bosses of the Spirit Food Pavilion were stupefied.

“Here is the menu, boss. Please take your time, there is no rush!” The player sent the menu thoughtfully.

The boss of the Spirit Food Pavilion took the menu blankly and almost fainted.

In addition to the special dishes hanging at the entrance of the hot pot restaurant before, there were actually a lot of incredible dishes.

“Cumin Devil Chicken Leg?”

“Spicy Devil Insect Ribs?”

“I don’t believe it!!! Waiter, all dishes, one serving!”


After a stick of incense…

“Ah, it’s so fragrant! This Deep Sea King skewer contains spicy and cumin flavors, and there is a hint of sweetness, three flavors in one, perfect!”

“This spicy devil worm ribs, take a bite, it makes people feel like being calcined in purgatory, it’s a cool one!”

“At this time, take another sip of watermelon juice with melon skin characteristics. Ah, it’s comfortable, perfect and awesome!”

The bosses were flattered.

And then…

“Damn it!” He suddenly remembered what he was doing here.

Almost at the same time.

The other two hundred bosses of the spirit food pavilions all cried and passed out.

The second day after the completion of the Second Ring of Tianlong Island, all the 372 spirit food pavilions in Tianlong Island were closed!

In addition to hot pot restaurants, there were also a large number of snack bars in the gourmet street.

There were the magic chicken leg shops, Black Dragon Meat Bun shop, of course, the most was the Deep Sea King skewer shops. There were more than a hundred.

The cultivators on Tianlong Island had been accustomed to eating pure spirit food that had no taste or impurities and would not affect their cultivation in the slightest.

Suddenly came a super unimaginable, delicious food, which couldn’t be resisted!

All of them were attracted in an instant.

Many Tianlong Island cultivators who were holding a lot of food and drink continued to walk along the food street and soon saw a cold drink shop.

“The No. 1 cold drink store has opened! The strongest ice cubes forged by the power of the extreme cold technique, paired with the top-quality spirit wine, absolutely guaranteed quality!”

“Woah, it’s delicious!”

“After eating the spicy hot pot, drink another sip of ice spirit wine, my god, I’m loving this place so much!”

“Oh my god, the ice spirit wine with the power of Major Achievement martial intent? It’s the first time I drink it in this life, and a cup only costs 99 spirit stones, which is too cheap!”

“What? Ice spirit wine can also be delivered to my door?”

“Doesn’t it mean that I can drink it at home?”

“It’s so beautiful!”

Many Tianlong Island cultivators who finished eating the hot pot couldn’t help shouting wildly.

Many cultivators of Tianlong Island bought a lot of Ice Spirit Wine without saying a word, although because of the power of intent contained in it, it would dissipate in a week at most, so there was only a shelf life of one week.

But it could be taken away, and it could be delivered to their door.

“This is Ice Spirit Wine?” Many spirit restaurant owners just took a sip of Ice Spirit Wine and cried.

It’s over!

It’s over!

No matter it’s taste, quality, or even price, they have smashed our ordinary spirit wine!

The most ridiculous thing is that their ice spirit wine contains the power of Major Achievement level of marital intent. It’s like calling an ice-type winemaker at the level of Heavenly Pill Realm!

Who can stand up to this?

All the owners of the spirit wine restaurant fainted instantly.

At the same time, all the spirit wine restaurants on Tianlong Island announced their closure!

The brand of first ice spirit wine began to monopolize the entire Tianlong Island market!

Everyone was shocked!

Because what happened in front of them was nothing short of nonsense!

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