All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 578

Chapter 578: Is it a loss or a gain? (Part 2)

“Lost… the third-grade Pill Market, completely gone… “The Third Elder of the Temple of Ten Thousand Fires spat blood and couldn’t help but speak.

“Ah? Third Elder, why do you say that? We have lost the low-grade Foundation Establishment Pill, but we still have middle-grade, high-grade and top-grade Foundation Establishment Pills! There are other third-grade foundation pills!” Several disciples couldn’t help but ask.

“You guys don’t understand! The Yan Huang Sect has Heavenly Fire, and their major cultivation method is a wood-type cultivation method that defies the heavens! Therefore, the quality of every grade of Foundation Establishment Pill they refine is better than ours. We can’t just be strong! This is not the alchemist’s problem, but the absolute gap between the cultivation technique and the alchemy fire cannot be made up!” The third elder of the Temple of Ten Thousand Fires spoke leisurely.

Very simple logic.

The Foundation Establishment Pills of every rank were better than theirs!

“Then, then we can lower the price, and they…” A disciple dared to finish speaking, and was stunned.

Damn it!

Isn’t this what the Third Elder of the Temple of Ten Thousand Fires have been doing before?

It is because the quality is not as good as that of the other party, the Third Elder of the Temple of Ten Thousand Fires chose to fight back with a price war, and even sold at a hundred spirit stones.

If Yan Huang Sect ran out first, and they were out of stock, that’s okay!

At least, until Yan Huang Sect could guarantee the supply, the Foundation Establishment Pill market would always belong to the united Tianlong Island Alchemy Pavilion!


the third elder of the Temple of Ten Thousand Fires lost!

Even the Foundation Establishment Pill couldn’t compete, and other types of third-grade pills couldn’t compete!

“But it doesn’t matter, we lost at the third-grade pill market, but we still have a market for fourth-grade pills!

“Yan Huang Sect hasn’t sold Earth Sea Pills yet, which means that they don’t have the strength to refine it at all! Hehe, fourth-grade pills, how can it be so easy to refine? Besides, we still have a full reserve of 300 Earth Sea Pills…” the third elder of the Temple of Ten Thousand Fires breathed out and said slowly.

If we lose, we lose!

Let’s take a step back!

So what if the third-grade pill market is handed over to Yan Huang Sect?

Tianlong Island’s combination of pills could completely occupy the fourth-grade pill market!

At worst, the price could be doubled, and this more than 26 million spirit stones lost at one time were slowly made up!

Those little scumbags of the Yan Huang Sect, I don’t believe that they can refine a large amount of Earth Sea Pills!

“Hahahaha!” the third elder couldn’t help getting up again.

However, at this moment…

“Extremely good news. Brother Ming, the sect master of this sect, has personally made a move. The first batch of Earth Sea Pill Pills that have just been refined have arrived! All are high-grade Earth Sea Pill Pills, and each one only costs 100,000 spirit stones!

“That’s right, you heard me right! The rubbish Tianlong Island Alchemy Pavillions is jointly selling top-grade Earth Sea Pill for one million, and this sect only needs one hundred thousand spirit stones, and the quality is even higher than them. To speak modestly, this sect sect’s high-grade Earth Sea Pill is even better than their top-grade Earth Sea Pill in terms of quality! After all, this is the number one alchemist in Chaos Star Sea, and the sect’s sect master, Brother Ming, made it himself!” Master of Theory came out, held a super loudspeaker, and shout directly.

“???” The third elder of the Temple of Thousand Fires was dumbfounded.


“I don’t believe it!!!” Third elder of the Temple of Ten Thousand Fires rushed in front of the Master of Theory recklessly.

“Show me, I don’t believe in a high-grade Earth Seap Pill, you only sell one hundred thousand spirit stones!!!” The third elder of the Temple of Thousand Fires roared with grief and indignation!

“Ah? You want it, one hundred thousand spirit stones for sale! You can then look at it casually!” Master of Theory took out a pill and said.

“I’ll buy it!” Without saying a word, the third elder of the Temple of Ten Thousand Fires threw a hundred thousand spirit stones at him, snatching this high-grade Earth Sea Pill.

“???” The more the Third Elder of the Temple of Ten Thousand Fires observed, the more stupefied they became.

A genuine top grade Earth Sea Pill.

Moreover, the fragrance of it was pervasive, and the pill lines could be vaguely seen, and the pill energy contained in it was terrifying and amazing, which was simply unheard of!

Although it was a high-grade Earth Sea pill, no matter in terms of quality or the power of the pill contained, it was even better than Tianlong Island pills.

Even compared to the top-grade Earth Sea Pill, it was still slightly stronger!

“You guys, how many pills are you going to sell?” the third elder of the Temple of Thousand Fires couldn’t help but roared ferociously.

“Huh? The first batch won’t be much!”

“How many?”

“The first batch that would be sold would be 900 pieces first!”


After listening, the third elder of the Temple of Ten Thousand Fires fainted from anger on the spot.

After all, he saw Master of Theory directing a dozen players to put out a total of 900 high-grade Earth Sea Pills.

It was a fight that could not be saved.

They not only beat them in quality!

The quantity of the first batch of high-grade Earth Sea Pill Pills sold was more than the combined reserves of the entire Tianlong Island Alchemy Pavillions!

And the price was only one-tenth of their own!

It’s over!

It’s all over!

The fourth-grade pill market was gone!

If we say that the loss of the third-tier elixir market meant that the more than 300 alchemy pavilions in Tianlong Island have entered the cold winter period, but with patience, they could still persist.

But now even the fourth-grade pill market was gone!

Then it’s all over!

In more than 300 alchemy pavilions, there were fifth-rank alchemists who could stably refine and sell fifth-grade pills. But there are only three!

It just so happens that the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect, the Temple of the Five Laws, and the Three Swords Alliance controlled them.

In other words, except for these three most high-end alchemy pavilions who had the three major forces behind them!

The other alchemy pavilions… were all over!

The day after the disciples of the Yan Huang Sect landed on Tianlong Island! Three hundred and forty-three alchemy pavilions all declared bankrupt and closed!

The name of He Yiming, the number one alchemist in Chaos Star Sea, spread from Tianlong Island, resounding throughout Chaos Star Sea.

At this time, the Third Elder of the Temple of Thousand Fires was in a dream.

The third elder of the Temple of Ten Thousand Fires suddenly thought of a question.

The previous disciple of the Yan Huang Sect said that the Earth Sea Pills that their sect master Brother Ming just refined have arrived!

Nine hundred top-grade Earth Sea Pills had just been refined?

A cultivator, how did he refine nine hundred Earth Sea Pills in one go?


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